i have been told new car tires will not devolope a flat spot… then the dealer told me that that do. can’t have it both ways… i get an extreem shimmy when the temp.goes to about 45 or lower degrees but goes away after about 10 miles of driving…any sugestions???

How long does your car sit between drives?
Are the tires inflated to at least the pressure specified on the label affixed to the driver’s door jamb?

Modern tires which are properly inflated do not typically “flat-spot” unless they are sitting in one place for an extended period of time.

An “extreme shimmy” suggests something other than flat-spotting of your tires.
Has a competent front-end shop checked the ball joints and tie rod ends on your mystery-vintage Santa Fe?

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Model-Year ?

Modern tires should not “flat spot”, but perhaps yours are doing it. Try increasing the tire pressure to 2 lbs above the recommended pressure.

Are you parking on asphalt, gravel, or dirt? Perhaps you are getting mud in the tread. Also, if you are driving in ice and snow when you park there could be ice building up in the bottom of the wheels and freezing. That will throw the whole wheel out of balance for a few miles.

Many tires today use a nylon belt between the rubber and the steel belts…Helps maintain tire integrity at high speeds…Yes, they can and will flat spot…Another cause, water inside the tire…