Wheel Noise

I read other topics about wheel noise but mine does not sound like any of those. I have a 2001 Honda Civic. A couple of weeks ago I startd to hear a rattling noise when driving. It sounded like a loose nut was bouncing around loose somewhere in the fron end. I heard the sound only when the car was moving, not when it was just idling. The rattling morphed into a rattle/squeal and now is an undescribable sound, kind of a squeal/screech/whir. It does not let up as I am driving but is continuous until I stop. It begins as soon as I have started the car and begun to turn away from the curb. I know the car needs a front end alignment because my route to work has many potholes the size of the Grand Canyon and the car pulls to the right. My dad suspects a CV joint but would the noise be contstant if it were that? It doesn’t fit the description of a ball bearing noise either, unless, God forbid, it’s both. Thanks.

Wheel bearing is a guess. CV joints typically change noise in frequency dependent on turn.

My other guess and simply one is your brake is scraping the rotor which is warped or pad out of place. I would get it checked out sooner rather than latter.

I would first sit in park or N and rev the motor up and down to listen for the noise. Of course when the car goes in motion all sort of things start to move, but the engine revs up as well. You should eliminate the potential that it is related to any of the pulleys associated with the serpentine belt that act up only at certain rpm. I wouldn’t put any bets on that, but it is simple to check.

Then I will take a WAG that you have a deteriorated splash shield on one of your rotors.

Based on the description, it does not sound at all like a CV joint.

Either way, this car should end up on somebody’s rack sooner rather than later.

Well, I tried sitting in neutral and revving the engine and there was no noise. The noise was much less than usual today. It was raining and damp all day. Not sure if this is just a coincidence or not. The noise stops immediately whe I begin to apply the brakes, then gradually returns as I drive. I can’t tell which side it is coming from. Could be both. I am taking it in soon; I am just trying to predict if I will be spending all of my merit bonus on this or just part of it.

If the noise goes away when the brakes are applied, you need to have the brakes inspected.


Now it sounds like the warning tab on your brake pads. There is a little metal tab on your brake pads that is lined up near the end of the pad’s “meat” - its job in life is to make a godawful screech as you go down the road so that you will check the brakes sooner rather than later. This will help prevent you from a) death, and b) ruining your rotors by going all the way to the metal backing on the pad. The noise usually goes away when you apply the brakes since pressure stops the tab from vibrating. In short, I’m betting that you need new brake pads.

Please do report back & let us know when you get it sorted out.

i would suspect the wheel bearing. your description of “the noise goes away when brake is applied” sounds like wheel bearing chatter, then the brake application makes them steady up for a while, until you release the brakes.

it may be a combination of cv joint wheel bearing too.

you are going to have to have this looked at/repaired soon. having loose running gear will ‘chew up’ the rest of the rotor, pads, brake caliper, caliper ubolt hanger, and possibly the front alignment and suspension. dont wait too long.

Thanks guys. I am making an appointment first thing in the morning. Lucky for me my favorite mechanic is just one block away. I’ll let you know what he finds.