2013 Honda Accord Cpe - Question on transmission belt

I have a 2013 Honda Accord
with a C.V.T. Transmission.
Does the transmission belt
need to replaced around
80,000 miles.also should the transmission be rebuilt
or replaced with a new one.
And do certain brands of tires wear out faster even with tires being rotated every 5,000 miles and properly inflated.
I put 4 new Good Year
Viva 3 60,000 Mile tread life,after 30,000 miles the
tires need replaced.

With proper maintenance there’s no reason you shouldn’t get 100k or better out of your transmission. Fluid changes are another story. You should change fluid according to the schedule in your Owner’s Manual, typically every 30k or so. Transmission shops normally install rebuilt units. A new transmission for a seven year old car is a bit much.

Yes, they do. There is a rating for wear on every tire sold in the US. Listed as “treadwear” on the sidewall. Higher numbers wear longer, lower numbers wear out faster. How many miles will they go? Depends on how and where you drive.

The Viva 3 is a cheap tire and reviews say it wears out quickly. 30,000 miles is pretty good for this tire.

If you’ve rotated the tires faithfully, all the tires will all wear out about the same time and that is the best you can do.