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Maintenance of a modern Honda automatic (non CVT)

Vehicle is a 2017 Model Accord - V6 with a 6 speed (non CVT) Automatic and 27,000 so far. I was planning to service this transmission about every 30,000, so soon. Is that still the conventional recommendation?

FYI I changed the trans fluid on my old '99 4 banger Accord every 20,000 or so, and sold the car with nearly 250,000 miles, and no transmission issues - all on the original drivetrain. It was a great, sturdy, and pretty dependable car. So I strive to get the same service and longevity out of this new one.

Thanks in advance.

The owners manual maintenance schedule might not say it, but general wisdom on the forums here is every 30k miles. What’s the cost of transmission services every 30k vs a new tranny?

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30k is a good idea, as long as you use Honda’s ATF.