2001 Honda Accord Brakes & Timing Belt



2001 Honda Accord… 225k miles… hoorah! I had my timing belt changed at 130k… all my miles are highway. Do i really need to change it soon??

I do highway miles… always have. It seems like I am always going through brakes… having to get them shaved and replaced… is it common on this year and model to have brake problems?

i want this car to last another year… any suggestions?


You can wait until 235,000 unless it’s been 7 yrs or whatever time interval the owner’s manual says.

An expert will have to consult you on the brakes. Congrats on good life out of the Accord, original trans?


Jeffmw05: yes! original trans! whatcha think for how long it will last? It is generally still very smooth, only occasionally hiccuping at lower gears… usually when not completely warmed up. thanks for info on timing belt… i will start putting my pennies away today for replacement.


Good, good. My '99 is still going strong but only at 137k, hopefully it will last at least as long as yours. Good luck with the maintenance. Again, check out the O-manual for the time / miles requirements for the T-belt. For my 99 it’s 105k / 7 yrs, whichever comes 1st, but I can’t just assume it’s the same for yours.


Does your owner’s manual say to change the timing belt at this point? If so, you should do it.


Your timing belt is due every 105k miles. So you are due at 235k for a timing belt by schedule. If you plan on getting rid of it in a year then I personally would not bother even if you exceed the 235k.


Do it now . . . 95,000 miles is a lot on a timing belt. Brakes . . . hard to say. How many miles per brake job? I usually get about 40,000 on my front pads, about 70,000 on the rear brake shoes. My Accord is an '89 and I will be changing the oil this weekend at 509,000 miles. Rocketman


rocketman: 509K!!! same trans and same engine??? wow! i usually do the oil every 4k… i did all the recommended maintenance through about 180k… i get about 40k for brakes… my father got 390k on his little crx… i swear the man cried when they traded it in for a minivan.


Yes . . . original engine and transmission, a few odds and ends changed in the almost 21 years I’ve owned it. A new alternator . . . new carb . . . timing belts and water pumps . . . brakes, wires, plugs, and just normal stuff. Valve stem seals once, probably going to do that again soon. Just recently did a bit of work on the suspension . . . the old seals and bushings were getting a bit scary. Only uses about 1/4 to 1/2 a quart of oil between oil changes, I always change oil & filter every 3000 miles, do the rest of the filters and fluids on or before time. Original clutch, believe it or not! Rocketman