2013 GMC Sierra 1500 - Cabin filter help request

Does anyone know how to access the cabin air filter?
Vin 1GTRIVEA3DZ394842

It isn’t a Terrain, it is a Sierra… a pickup truck. Same as a Chevy Silverado


note: if it has been replaced before, you won’t need to cut out the cover. Just unscrew the cover and remove it, remove the old filter, then progress as the video shows.

cutting off the cover looks to be pretty awkward procedure, easy for diy’er to cut themself; just curious why that’s necessary on only the originally installed filter? Does the manufacturer glue the original one in place?

I think it was Honda that did that with at least one of there vehicles also, you had to cut part of the lower dash out in order to remove the brace in order to remove the C.A.F… So nothing new…
Even the labor guide gave labor time for the 1st time replacement, and then a lower labor time for then on, I think it was about 0.3 hours more for the 1st change… Been awhile since I saw one so a little fuzzy…

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if you notice in the video, the tech in the video did not take an old filter out. Many of these trucks did not come with a cabin air filter, but you can add one. Thus the procedure of cutting the old “cover” off, adding a filter, and securing a cover to keep the filter in place.

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Yes, I did notice the old filter wasn’t removed. I was thinking they just didn’t show that part, since it’s an obvious procedure. I have to say, it seems an odd design decision to go to the expense to provide a place for a cabin air filter in a new truck, but then fail to install one. I wonder what the thinking for that was? Maybe some folks didn’t want one, b/c they heard friends complain cabin air filter on their cars had caused problems, like getting clogged and overheating the blower motor.

They saved $X a truck by omitting the filter and door, which then became part of a 100x $X option package.

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yep, it’s all about the Benjamins!

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Maybe an extension of the idea used by airlines these days, you are welcome to get on the plane for the price of your ticket, but you’ll have to pay more to bring any bags along … want a soda during the flight? Did you bring your wallet ? … lol …

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