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Cabin air filter missing?

How many people out there have found that there is no cabin air filter in your car? What kind of car is it (I’m trying to see if this is a trend for a particular brand)?

I don’t mean that it’s not possible for your car to have one, I mean there is a space for it, but that space is empty…no filter was ever installed!

I was shocked to see my car had none (2001 Civic), when I (thought I) was replacing it.

I’m wondering if my wife’s 2008 Fit has one. I’ll find out tonight. If it doesn’t, should I demand one for free from the dealer, or should I just bite the bullet and buy one myself?


The first step with your wife’s new Fit is to check the original window sticker (you did save it, I assume) or to check the 2008 Fit brochure, to see if a filtration system was standard on that model, or–if it was an option–that your wife’s car does have that option.

If all of the above sources indicate that her Fit should have a cabin air filter–and if it does not have one installed–then this is definitely an issue to take up with the dealer. While this would not apply to your wife’s new car, I suspect that most people who find that their car does not have a cabin air filter in place are those who bought the vehicle as a used car and that the original owner opted to skip that bit of maintenance–as well as god-only-knows what other maintenance procedures.

However, there is another possibility. Some new car dealers have been known to “de-content” new vehicles. Ciasulli Honda in Jersey City, NJ was convicted for removing the original batteries, air filters, and spark plugs, as well as the original brand-name tires, from new cars prior to sale, and substituting really cheap replacement items from the closest Pep Boys store. And, of course, the original items that they removed from these cars were sold through the parts department.

While it is possible that your dealer has done the same thing that Ciasulli Honda used to do, this type of practice is apparently not common.

Having Allergies…I find a cabin filter a good idea. HOWEVER…they’re really NOT needed. It’s a nice to have, but not a necessity. My 05 4runner is the FIRST car I’ve ever owned with one. I’ve been driving 30+ years without the need for one.

I also find the filters to be EXTREMELY expensive. The engine air filter is bigger and filters more…and costs about half the price of the cabin air filter.

Cheap if you get it elsewhere than the dealer, or online.

I’ve NEVER EVER bought it from the dealer. These ARE the online prices, or from places like WallMart or ADAP.