2013 Ford Fusion - Why does it stall?

My 2013 fusion 2.0T stalls after restarting after being off for about 20 to 30 min. and pulling out. Usually in a parking lot or on to a highway. A new fuel pressure sensor did not fix it. The Ford shop never heard of this!!

Then take it to a different Ford dealership for a proper diagnosis, which you should expect to pay them for. Be willing to leave the car for a few days for a tech to be able to duplicate the problem.

My best guess failing fuel pump. Get it diagnosed in failure mode is the best way to confirm.

In some cars, a signal from the oil pressure sender is needed for the engine to keep running - if the computer is told there’s no oil pressure, the fuel pump stops and the engine shuts off. The engine will start based on the fuel pump running for a couple seconds when the key is turned from Off to Run, but that fuel doesn’t last long.