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2010 ford fusion

As I was driving home last night, and my 2010 Ford Fusion shut down. I was stopped at a stop light, and when the light changed I accelerated but nothing happened. On my dash board the oil light and battery light were on. I turned the car offically off, and it restarted. This has never happened before. I have about 38,000 miles plus. I am in sales and drive the car alot during the week. What does this mean, and should I be concerned?

What does it mean?
It means that you need to take the car to a Ford dealer for free diagnosis and repair under the terms of your Powertrain Warranty–assuming that it is powertrain related. If the problem is something else–like a bad ignition switch, for example–you will have to pay, as I believe that your all-inclusive Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty has now expired.

Don’t even think of giving the service department a diagnosis, as they need to follow the mfr’s diagnostic protocol in order to determine the cause. If you give them a diagnosis, and it proves to be wrong, you may be on the hook for unnecessary work.

Just describe–in detail–exactly what you experienced, and make sure that this is listed accurately on the repair order. That way, if the problem persists after warranty expiration, you can have the problem covered, gratis. Just be sure to do all of the required maintenance and retain proof of the maintenance.

Sounds to me like the engine stalled.

Is this car still under warranty? If so, take it to your friendly local Ford dealer and let them figure it out.

Odds are they will not be able to reproduce the problem unless it starts to happen on a regular basis, but they might be able to find something.

The Check Engine light isn’t on, is it?

It is a company issued car - so it is under warranty. The check engine light is not on. Truth be told I elected to drive my personal car today… I will take the car to a dealship tomorrow for a look see.

Thank you for the feedback!