2013 Ford Fusion - poorly made key fob

Why are these keyless remotes made so poorly. Mine less than 5 years old and popping apart and breaking.
Replacement fob sets off the alarm intermittently by it self. You can’t turn it off from fob. You have to manually start the car. When it pops apart the car quits running even while being driven… Extremely dangerous. Whats up with that Ford? Worst car we’ve ever owned!!

You can buy a keyfob protective cover like this

If you take them apart, they are all pretty flimsy but don’t know about Ford specifically but those push buttons are prone to failure. Typical Chinese junk but that’s why they are so small and compact. I rotate mine but think I only got about 6 years out of them before I just bought new ones. About $100 for two new ones and another $100 for the dealer to program them. Just another cost of driving.