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Car repair

We have a 2005 Ford Fusion, it needs a new clutch , the dealer wants $850 and then on top of that they said the starter is bad, and want $ 250. Is this excessive? Or is it right?

Sounds cheap to me from a dealer. Of course, an independant mechanic will charge less, and do just as good a job. BTW, what happened to the clutch? I’ve never replaced a clutch on a car only 3 years old. On my last several manual shift cars, the clutch lasted 150,000 miles.

What is wrong with the starter??  

I agree with Busted that the price seems reasonable (at least for a dealer, but I think I would want an independent to take a look at both the clutch and the starter and then you can decide.  

Remember that dealers are no better or worse than independents but they are almost always more expensive.

the price is right!!

but some advice, like i told my kids. if you are wearing out a clutch on a three year old car, you need to adjust your driving/shifting/acceleration habits.

as BK said, a clutch should last years and years. possibly the lifetime of the car. so you may want to think about your driving habits.

Clutch set Ford #7E5Z-7B546-A @ $375.27 list plus labor and flywheel surfacing on a fwd transaxle…price sounds ok. starter Ford# 6E5Z-11002-AA @ $223.07 list . First year for fusion is '06 , is this what you have or is the '05 you’re refering to not a Fusion ?