2013 Ford Edge - Hazard lights won't go off

5 year old turned on the hazard lights some how. Now we can’t get them to turn off.

The switch could be bad. You may have to take it to a mechanic, otherwise the flashers will kill the battery.

I suspect the OP just could not locate the on-off button.


Of course it would help to know what they have tried to do to turn the flashers off .
Maybe just put the 5 year old back in vehicle and say what ever you do don’t turn those flashing lights off.


Usually, when you don’t know how you turned something on, you don’t know how to turn it off.


Yes, that is a possibility.

Many years ago, while I was helping someone to jockey his cars around, I turned on the 4-way flashers of his Chevy Celebrity while it was temporarily double-parked. When he saw that the flashers were turned on, he literally freaked-out.

It turned out that, in the 5 years or so that he had owned the car, he had never used the hazard lights, and had no idea where the control was located. (On GM products of that era, it was a tiny switch on the steering column.) He also thought that these lights were a one-time-only feature (like a road flare, I guess?), and that they could never be used again. Clearly, he had never bothered to read the Owner’s Manual.

So, after I calmed him down, I gave him a brief tutorial on the way to activate and to deactivate his 4-way flashers.

Yes, on my 67 Catalina I tried them once. Push the plastic button on the steering column to turn them on, when I pull on it to turn them off, the button slipped off. Had to use pliers to deactivate the four way flashers.

GM’s switch for the hazard lights was very badly-designed in that era, and on most GM cars that I drove, it was extremely difficult to pull the switch “out” in order to turn the flashers off.

Ok this might sound weird, but it worked for me when the exact same thing happened. Take your phone cord that is plugged into the car, take the end that you would plug into your phone, and touch the end to the hazard touch sensor button.

Where did this come from? Or you can just take your finger and press the button. On most cars now it’s a red triangle. Now they even work when you press the brakes on.