1991 F150 Hazard Flasher Location

I can’t find the hazard flasher for my truck Can anyone help? The turn signals blink but the hazards do not.

Back in those days, it may have been mounted on the steering column. Look for a small button or switch on the column. If you find something like that, pull it outward slightly and the hazards should come on.

I would state the obvious–that you should look in the Owner’s Manual–but I assume that you don’t have a manual.

Okay… I know where the switch is to turn them on is located. I’m looking for the actual flasher, or rely… the thing that makes them blink.

The hazard flasher unit is located behind the dash, to the right of the glovebox, next to the horn relay.


I was poking around www.autozone.com. Select “Repair Info” from the top of the page, then “Component Locations” from the list on the left. Enter your vehicle info and select the part you’re looking for. The search came up with:

Front seating area, driver side, driver side of steering column, behind lower dash panel, mounted on rear of fuse block.

The turn signal flasher is located on the fuse block. The HAZARD flasher is located near the glovebox.