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2013 Dodge Journey Vibration

we have a 2013 journey, bought new, we have a vibration in the front end at about 67 to 75 mph. we have had our front end alligned(we are told that is not the problem, in fact it cannot be the problem) we just put on new tires at sams club . the vibration was still there. they re-balanced them and said they were at zero(don’ know what that means) previously we had a dealership check our vibration and they said that all is good. this just will not go away. we also have a 2017 journey and there is a vibration also. just not as bad. can you help us???

Has any driver of this vehicle hit a curb? If the tires are new and balanced, that eliminates a few things.

Have the wheels checked to see if one is bent. Have the front hubs checked to see if they are bent.