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Front end vibration

This vehicle has 240,000 miles. The front end sometimes vibrates between 45-55 and over 65 mph. I had two mechanics check the complete suspension system, the trans axle, the torque converter and even if the engine was misfiring at certain rpm,s. I had the struts replaced and the trans. completely rebuilt. The vibration at times feel if the wheels were hopping or a slight vibration through the steering wheel. It seems every component checked out ok and it still vibrates whatever the cause is still a mystery. Does anyone have any ideas to solve this problem and don’t tell me to purchase a new vehicle. My goal is to achieve 500,000 miles on the original engine without a major overall.

I would rotate the tyres from front to back.  If that makes a difference then it has to do with the wheel(s) or tyre(s).  

I did not see anything about engine and transmission mounts.  You might want to have them checked as well. 

Who did the work on your car?  If it has not seen a dedicated/frame shop that would be a good idea.

JE Meehan has given my first 2 suggestions - esp about tires as your post doesn’t mention tire balancing, age, moving around to test, etc. You can have tire defects that you can’t see or feel.

Mounts also should be checked ad JEM noted.

You should also wonder about the front axles, especially the inner joints.

If you’re absolutely certain that this is front end, then maybe skip it, but see this lengthy discussion:

  • Go all the way to the end - it had nothing to do w/ the tow, and was rear brake drum. Apparently not too uncommon as another poster showed up with the very same thing.