Vibration before and after new tires

Crosstour V6 AWD with 61000.
Several months ago I noticed my car would vibrate at 25mph only while accelerating. I needed new tires anyway and hoped this would fix it. Got them at NTB with the balance/alignment. Still had the vibration at 25mph. Went in a month later for another balance/alignment, and still is vibrating at 25mph. Went to Honda to have them check and they said it doesn’t need either balance or alignment. They did a software update on something, but still no dice.
What’s going on?

vibration only is present when you are accelerating at 25mph? if you let off the gas at 25mph the vibration stops? what did the dealer say that the software update would address? an engine function or a driveline function such as torque conv lockup or something else?

It vibrates as I’m passing the 25mph point then goes away. If i let off the gas it goes away. If i were just coasting at 25mph, I would not feel it.
It was for some valve I believe. They said it would “take a while to settle in.” They didn’t seem to confident it would fix it.

hmm, awd driveline vibrations are hard to blame on 1 thing.
i suppose we could complicate it even more and get specific on what gear you are in.
light throttle might put you in 3rd gear at 25mph. heavy throttle might be 2nd gear
i dont know if you can manually set shifter to 3rd gear or 2nd gear as a test as you go thru 25mph

I have tried putting it in manual. It seems to occur both in 1st and 2nd gear.

friend has an awd infiniti g37 and they bought a new 2013 accord and i figured they might like awd and to look at the crosstour. they did not like the styling. what yr is the crosstour?

it’s a twenty-fifteen

is it under warranty?

It is not under warranty

I’d guess it is an engine mount that is causing this. This car has hydraulic (or fluid filled) engine mounts. One of the mounts even has an electrical connection so it is fluid filled AND electronically controlled.

I’d guess one has lost its fluid or the electronic one has failed and is no longer damping this vibration.


Should I expect to get some sort of alert about this?

No, the engine computer can’t tell if the fluid leaked out so no Check Engine Light will appear unless it detects an electrical failure in the electronic mount.

Or if you think Honda should send you a message, No, this is a wear item. Just a “short life” wear item.

What should I ask for them to inspect next time I take it in?

The engine mounts. They’re also call motor mounts.

I like to consider myself fairly mechanically inclined, is this something I can inspect myself? Any documentation on their location and expected condition?

Given Honda’s history of problems with their hydraulic motor mounts, I think that this is definitely something for the OP to check.

I don’t know about the Honda’s mounts in particular, but motor mounts are typically hard to inspect if you don’t know what to look for. You might ask for particulars on a Honda-specific forum, more likely to run into someone that’s had this exact problem.

Thanks for the replies. I’m taking it in tomorrow to have them inspect the motor mounts. Can;t wait to see how much this will cost.

The 5 years 60,000miles powertrain warranty is over since you exceeded it by 1000 miles. You should have taken your 2015 to the dealer sooner.

So this doesn’t happen if you accelerate past 25 mph, then coast back down to 25 mph? No vibration as you coast back to 25 mph? Even when coasting in neutral? hmmm … seems the most likely culprit is some kind of drive-train problem. There’s a lot of possibilities, but having the engine and transmission mounts inspected is a good place to start. Sometime you can notice if there’s a problem by gunning the engine a little while idling in the driveway. Open the hood and watch the engine as you do this. The rotational inertia will cause the engine and transmission to visibly move a little against the mounts. Does it move considerably more than you’d expect from doing the same experiment on other cars?