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2013 Chrysler 300 dashboard peeling

I have a John Varvatos 300 2013. Dashboard is pealing away from the windshield. We took it to the Chrysler dealer and was told it would cost $1200.00 to replace the dashboard. That was in 2017. I took my car for an oil change in 2018 and to get the cooling and heating system check. I told the tech that the system has not been working and the circulation button blinks and turn off this has been going on for two years.Every test they did showed that every thing was normal, Then they took the system apart and changed the humidity sensor and did a software update. The heating and cooling system is working fine, but my dashboard is still pulling away from the dashboard. I was told that it was because the leather is shrinking especially during the summer when the car sits in the hot sun. There should be a recall or something covered under warranty.

5 year old Chrysler product. Be happy it still runs. But then, I don’t like Chrysler products, FWIY.

Recalls are for safety items. Your dash isn’t a safety item.

You’d like an extended warranty on a dash pad? Not happenin’

Nope, not going to happen.

Nissan is replacing instrument panels as a result of a class action lawsuit.

Toyota and Lexus have extended the warranty to 10 years on certain vehicles with failing dash pads.

But so far no customer support from Chrysler.