2017 Chevrolet Corvette - dashboard melted

Dash board melted,with 19000 mile on it. 3 months after the warrenty expired

Please post picture.

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Yes, I’d be interested in seeing that too.

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Sorry 'bout that.

Did you have a question?

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You need to contact your dealer, might still be covered but you might have to go up the chain a little. Appears to be a somewhat common problem but not everyone’s gotten GM to pay for it. I believe your dealer needs to send in photos of the damage for GM to approve it.

Called GM…I worked for them for 33 years, the dealer wants 900.oo to replace it.

Have you posted this on a Corvette forum?


My cars at the dealer told them to take some photos, my dash is way worse than the one in the picture. It has completely pull up, in front of the heads up display. Looks like the glue didn’ hold 70k car, held together with crappy glue! My next car will be a Porsch !

3 oil changes on a Porsche will equal the cost of a new dash on the Vette.


I suspect this problem is caused by a large amount of glass and a long run of leather dash pad. If they had manufactured the dash cover in say 3 sections it would likely have held up. Think expansion joints in concrete.

You might rethink that Porsche idea. My brother in law owned a Corvette 30 years ago and complained about repair costs. He sold the Vette, bought a Porsche, and found out the Chevy was much cheaper to fix. Six months later that Porsche was gone.

Luxury marque=luxury maintenance and repair costs

Still, if I won the lottery and had money to burn, I might just reward myself with a Porsche Cayenne.
But, unless I had a LOT of excess cash–plus a couple of back-up vehicles–there is no way that I would consider a vehicle like that.

Porsche’s had the same problems as well, along with Aston Martin.

You called GM, the dealer, or both? If you contacted GM directly, did you speak to just the customer service representative? If so, they aren’t likely to have the authority to help you with this. As to speak to a manager and see if you can get the buddy price on the component. You are probably stuck with the labor cost at the dealer, though.

Do you park this car in the sun? Sunlight would make the dashboard especially hot. I find that parking my car with the rear facing south keeps the dashboard, steering wheel, and front seats cooler. Well, at least not burning hot. You might also use a windshield sun shade to shield the dash from the sun. I use that, too.

I agree that this could be a contributing factor, but should someone who paid upwards of $70k have to take more precautions than people who buy far cheaper vehicles? I have owned 8 vehicles during my lifetime, and most of them were parked outside in the sun and all other weather conditions, and yet none of them ever suffered a melted dashboard.


I’m thinking extreme heat, like 120 F, plus the sun all day. The OP might live in the Southwest where it can get over 110 on a regular basis.

Yes, that is possible, but these cars are not normally daily-drivers.

Shouldn’t GM have done a better job determining the durability of the dashboard covering in these expensive cars, instead of adhering to their long-term policy of using car owners for their durability/reliability testing?

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Especially for the Corvette, the most exciting GM car, and often the most troublesome…

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Of all the cars I had I never worried about sunshades or parking not facing into the sun. One would think they had this problem figured out by now. Sorry for your troubles.

Cheap or not, my car dashboards usually get covered with a sunshade when it’s hot and sunny, but it’s more for my benefit than the dash. Though I also do it to try to forestall the cracking I’ve seen on old cars.