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2016 Chrysler 300 door panel

The door panel on the driver and the passenger front door are coming unglued and I can’t figure why, if anyone have the same problem please let me know how to fix it.


Under warranty, have the dealer fix it!


Yep, that should be covered. At any rate a lot of the panels are glued now instead of being welded. You can buy the glue but not cheap with the dispenser and everything so its just a job for a body shop.

Same here door panel peeling off starting at the top. Took the car to the dealer an they say call the Chrysler Company an gave me 3,000 estimate an for 3 doors. Maybe Chrysler they will do a recall, I have see many Chrysler with this issue I thought it was me. My other car 15yr old bucket don’t even have this going an it sit outside full sun 15 years,