2013 Chevrolet Tahoe - What's up with Stabilink?

What makes my Stabilink Comes on while Driving…?

What can cause a unusual smell of metal coming from the front brakes…?

The two symptoms are related. Take your vehicle in to your mechanic.

It’s possible you have a stuck brake caliper or your brake pads could be badly worn. Either way, have it looked at ASAP. Have you noticed the truck pulling to one side?

Stabili…trac, not link. It is a system that applies the brakes if it thinks your truck is trying to spin out.

You must have gotten error messages on the dash… or at least seen the Stabilitrac light coming on when driving straight.

It needs to go into a shop right now. There are a number of problems it could be. Any of these could cause a serious accident.

That’s What’s up with Stabilitrac