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2006 Chevy Trailblazer

I’ve noticed lately that it seems my rear brake - passenger side is locking up, or at least I thought it was my brake. Anyways, when I accelerate after a stop light, the traction light (indicating slippage) comes on my dash. I am not peeling out at lights. Sounds or feels like brake is catching. Yesterday, when turning on to a freeway, SUV didn’t to accelerate and I felt a dragging sensation in the rear end (rear end of the car that is). Read owners manual and have pinpointed this to Stabilock system. Will read more later to try to disengage system, but how will this affect vehicle in winter? Will 4 wheel drive work? I live in the snowbelt where we get more than 100" of snow per season.

" . . . But How Will This Affect Vehicle In Winter?"

You Mean That You Are Just Going To Leave It Like This?

Make sure all of your insurance policy premiums are paid up, especially that Life policy.

You could have brake mecanical problems, wheel bearing problems, etcetera. Some of these vehicles need to have the EBCM (Electronic Brake Control Module) reprogrammed. The lock-up could result in an accident or maybe a wheel will fall off.

Get the policies paid up and let us know how she goes in the snow, eh?


No. Definitely have to fix, but I thought if this was a Stabilock issue, or anti-lock brakes issue, Stabilock could temporarily be turned off until it goes in for repair.

Odd occurence as it happens sporadically.

The owner’s manual says you can turn Stabilock off, so I didn’t know if it was something of critical repair if it was in the off position.

I will call a shop on the EBCM.