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2014 Chevrolet Malibu - ABS and Stabilitrack lights

My ABS and stabilitrak light came on about a week ago. I have noticed that my car shakes when I stop as well. I am positive that the front brakes and rotors need changed, I just did the entire back. I have had nothing but brake issues with this stupid car, anyone else? What could these lights mean exactly? Will it cost a lot? Thanks

Or a bad wheel bearing could be causing the shaking.

If that’s the case, it would cause the tone ring for the ABS to become misaligned with the wheel speed sensor.

This would then cause the ABS light to come on, and the Stabiltrack light to come on because it won’t function if the ABS light is on.



More info, please?

Why do you state you’re positive about imminent replacement?

Was it purchased new?

Was it purchased pre-owned?

Approximately how many miles on it, now?

Is this car driven through places where road salt is applied?

Does it sit parked for periods of time? (as opposed to driven daily)

How long are the periods, approximately (if applicable)?

Please explain the “nothing but brake issues with this stupid car”. What kinds of “issues”?
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Well, then–IMHO–the first step toward resolving this issue would be to replace the brake pads and rotors. If they are both in need of being changed, then this is a safety-related necessity, even if you didn’t have that shaking problem.

If front brake service doesn’t resolve the issue, then your mechanic has a basis for where else to look in order to resolve the problem.

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