2013 Chevrolet Equinox turning off completely after starting

Please help!!! I am desperate.
We just bought a used 2013 Chevy Equinox. Everything was going fine until three days after we bought it. It started shaking then completely turned off after I started to back out of a parking spot. That’s when it got worse… It has happened every day since. We got it two weeks ago. It turns off after idling for literally 10 seconds after I start it. We brought it to two different mechanics, no code shown. I read that the timing variable solenoids need to be replaced so we went ahead and got that done. $200 later, the problem is still there. I don’t know what else to do because no code is showing there is anything wrong with it.

So if I say it needs the “flasher fluid flushed” , you’ll go get it done.

You paid to have those solenoids replaced, just because you read that might be it on the internet.?

Those solenoids would have thrown a code and turned on the check engine light.

Does your check engine light even work ?
Have you check the oil level ?

If not for the “shaking”, engine stalling after precisely 10 seconds would lead me to suspect a failure related to the vehicle’s security system.

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I know. Probably a bad idea on my part to change the solenoids. My friend has the same car/same year and she said hers was doing the exact same thing and they replaced the solenoids and it hasn’t happened since so I assumed that was my problem.

The oil levels are good. Checked yesterday.

I’m not sure if my engine light works. It comes on with the other lights on the dash when I turn the car on and then goes away. How would I check?

Just like that, yours appears to work.

Do you think it could be a timing belt? How does one fix a problem when it won’t show up on the computer?

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