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Must fix 2015 Equinox - several codes

i have a 2015 Equinox, it has 2.4 eco tec engine. the engine light came on over a year ago…it was still under ny state inspection…the engine would just shut down while driving it… it said stablitrac and engine is at half power… it would die many times… i took it too the dealer and they suggested a timing chain would take away all the codes and remove the light allowing it to pass inspection. i paid 2k for that . i picked it up 7 days later… it died while driving it away… they said it was the high pressure fuel pump…so i paid for that… it died again… then they did the map sensor… died… the maf sensor… died…the gas pedal and sensor… died… then the throttle body and that sensor too… died… nothing worked so far… now i start it up… it idles extremely rough… then if i sit for about 5 to 10 minutes it smooths out and runs fine… the engine light never goes out… if i start it… and try to just go… the stabilitrac light comes on and 1/2 power light… most of the time it will
begin hesitating on the highway after about 30 minutes… but eventually smooths out… engine light is always on… the codes have been all the same… all garages and dealers just read the code… replace the part… and nothing changes except im poorer… i cant inspect it… so therefore i cannot get it re registered… im a single father of a 12 yr old… i commute 40 min. each way… im beginning to get tickets… and they are saying that it will eventually cost me a license… i cannot afford to buy another car… this one was the answer to my last nightmare… a 2005 trailblazer… same issues… im begging someone to help me finally make this light go out long enough to get inspected… also it goes through a ton of oil… and rattles… i change the oil every 2500 miles… i know that gm lost a lawsuit for this engine for the exact same reasons im going through … however it didnt cover my year… 2015…
im beyond desperate… i cant allow a car to cause me to lose my license job home and son… i cant afford 2 car payments… and no dealer will take this as a trade… if there is anything anyone can help me figure this out with pleaseeeeee let me know…
i was about to try to have the high pressure fuel sensor replaced… its on the fuel rail… they said that could account for some of my codes and symptoms… the codes are usually… cam sensor. intake barametreic sensor bank 1 emisions sensor… which just started last week… recent codes are p0106 0420 2288 0341 0089… when cleared the engine light goes out for about 2 minutes… and its a new set of codes… usually these are the ones that happen…
ive changed the cam sensors both of them 3 times now… 2 map sensors 2 maf sensors…
please help

Multiple DTC’s all at once with performance issues?

It could be a bad ECM.


Does this vehicle have a salvage title? If not, why wasn’t it under warranty a year ago? I believe there is a powertrain warranty, which is longer than the basic warranty.

No salvage title and the dealership said it wasnt under warranty…they said it had nothing to do with the powertrain and they sent me packing…

Sounds like you have been spending thousands. You need to find a better mechanic.
I feel for you. You would have been way better off with a 2010 or earlier Honda or Toyota. You actually had to replace the timing chain, and not just a tensioner? What was the mileage and how did they account for such early wear and stretch? My guess is that whoever worked on your engine forgot a few things upon reassembly.
Did they ever do a throttle body relearn procedure? You may want to try this

As for the codes-- go on to Amazon and buy a cheap code reader. For less than $20 you can check and clear you own codes.

The timing chain was making noise…then broke… these symptoms are normal for this engine from GM so I went along with it… I have a code reader… doesnt help …I’ve replaced everything the codes say are wrong

Broke on a 2015? Look you need to get rid of this. Even if you could somehow pass you would have problems in short order. May I ask how much you still owe on it?

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Yeah I agree but noone will get me out of it… I owe 9k

I am struggling to see how this wasn’t covered under the 5-year/60,000 mile powertrain warranty. However, the time to have balked was before sinking $2k into the vehicle for a repair that should have been covered. Also, it sounds like the underlying problem is most likely valvetrain damage/piston damage/cylinder wall damage from when the timing chain broke, and therefore this engine is never going to run right.

At this point, your best bet might be to cut your losses on this Equinox, and buy something else.

Nothing to do with the power train??? Call GM directly and start a complaint
GM Powertrain warranty : 60 months/100,000miles
‘’ Basically, a Powertrain warranty , also known as your car or truck Chevy factory warranty , covers the most expensive and most important parts of your vehicle: its engine , its axle assemblies, its transfer case and its transmission . … Under the Chevrolet warranty , you’re covered for free, 24-hour roadside assistance.Oct 1, 2019
I am trying not to swear but how is anything engine related not part of the powertrain?

If I could I would… I just need an Inspection to get me through so I dont lose my job Home and son… then I can get something else

Try doing the idle relearn. Your first code points to it. The second means your catalytic converter has been getting too much gas, which points to a screwy air fuel ratio which can be caused by throttle being out of spec. Frankly the car is too young to require all these sensors to be replaced, and as you have proven they are not the issue. do I do an idle relearn?

I meant the throttle body relearn. I put a link above. Though I do not know if it will work. Had an issue with a Nissan that I thought might have been a bad fuel pump, then an intake vacuum leak, then suspected fuel injectors leaking. Finally was convinced it was the throttle body actuator, and replaced the throttle body with a new Hitachi unit. But even then I could not get it to run right and I would keep getting the same code. I kept trying to do the relearn but without Nissan Consult its not that easy to do. Finally had to bring it to a Nissan dealer. Took them 20 minutes and $56 later the car drove like a dream. What bothers me is that your dealer seems to be a crook.

Just for clarity sake-- were you under a 100K when they changed the timing chain, and under the 60 months period?

Ok I’ll google that and look for your link… yeah it was a large dealer…they were crooks from day 1 they delivered the car with a different color door…tried to tell me it was the same color as when I test drove it… then charged me to paint it… it’s been terrible since day 1|6222259|6222261|6222264|6222266|6222267|6222270|7358826|6222273|6222274|6222277|6222279|6222281|6222284|6222287|6222289|6222294|6222300|6222302|6222306|6222309|6222312|6248065|6222318|6222253|6534748&vehicleid=406772&mileage=100000&condition=Fair&kbbevalue=6081&kbbvgvalue=5674&kbbgvalue=5359&kbbfvalue=4898&extcolor=6534748

Typing in the lowest trim in the worst shape with 100,000 miles on it, I get a trade in value of 5,000, and private sale price pushing 6.5 K to 8K using a New Jersey address

I was offered 4k by a dealership but that left 5k to eat…so I am new to all of this stuff… stinks bad

The problem with Equinox’s is, they all have those little round marks all over them.

That’s where they were touched with eleven foot poles.



I have just watched these two videos in fascination. I have done similar removal on a Nissan 2.5 and an Acura 1.7, and based upon what I see here I will never buy a GM product.
In addition to what you will see they also have piston ring and timing chain defects, and dealers who will do everything to avoid actually fixing your vehicle.

Ok I’ll watch them