Car trouble, can anyone help me?

My car broke down the other day. There was noise coming from the engine and I could smell gas. I was at a red light and it acted like it was going to stall but I made it through the light and it felt like I couldnt speed up so I pulled over and called my dad. He came and tried to drive it home but it as he started going down the road it sounded like it shifted into low gear and then back up. He decided to pull over and he barely made it into the parking lot and then the dash read engine failure and reduced power and then the car turned off. We had to have it towed. Can anyone help me as to what is wrong with my car?

Chevy Equinox: Reduced Engine Power Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource (

What year is suv? What motor does it have? 2005-2008 had v6 pushrod fairly reliable motor. Newer ones had 4 cyl and 6 cyl motors with sketchy timing chains.
How many miles?

The year is 2013. Its a 6 cyl

One of the timing chains may have failed.


Not used to engine failed dash warning.
Where is it now?

I dont remember exactly what the dash said. My dad was driving and i couldnt see it that well. I had it towed to a garage. This happened on friday so i havent heard anything about it because of the weekend. Just wanted to get some opinions on what might be the problem.

Unfortunately you could get 20 or more guesses here and none of them might be correct. Without being there and hearing the noise I would not even try and guess . For your sake I hope it is not serious .


just in case this turns out to be the problem, it looks like it will be covered by chevy.

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Been at shop since Monday. No news?

It was leaking oil. Something blew out a seal? As the mechanic is fixing it he keeps running into other things. He called today to give us and update and said that the exhaust manifold is cracked. My dad asked if this could have been prevented and he said no.

The only person who can tell you what’s wrong is the mechanic who’s actually working on it but some advice on how to deal with it …

  1. Focus on the problem and “worry about who’s to blame later”.
  2. Find an expert mechanic and let them provide a comprehensive list of the problems and cost to repair. If they’re honest and professional It’s going to cost a couple of bucks but well worth it.
  3. Ask them to prioritize their list. What has to be fixed now, what should be fixed, what can wait until your budget allows, etc. and then you can make your decisions.

But let me emphasize that a professional mechanic will need some time to evaluate your situation and will expect to be compensated but that’s cheap compared to the “Free Estimate- Every car that comes in needs a new engine, new transmission, new suspension” shysters.


How fast was it leaking?
How often was the dipstick checked prior to this catastrophe?
What many people refer to as an oil leak is actually just seepage that would take a very long time before the oil level was low enough to result in strange noises coming from the engine and “engine failure”.

Yes, it’s very easy for a mechanic to recommend repairs when they see “broken” things. It has oil leak. From what?
Ok, and a cracked exh manifold?. Has zero effect on oil leak though.
Fix leak. Is motor ok? Maybe discuss exh manifold eventually.