2013 Chevrolet Equinox - Louder turn signal?

i need a louder turn signal sound

Your flashers are controlled by the BCM (body control module) and the turn signals sound is generated by it. There is no flasher to change. Unfortunately if the system is working as designed then there is nothing you can change to make them louder.

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Tell me why you need louder sound? You turn on signal. It auto cancels. You need sound to confirm your suspicion that you actually pushed lever? Do you have turn indicator light on cluster? Do you look at dash?

That’s probably the problem. The automatic cancel function isn’t perfect, blinker may continue blinking in some cases. Also possible to inadvertently turn on blinker and not realize it, for example turn on WW wiper or headlights, blinker turns on accidentally. I notice my truck’s blinker is on sometimes when I didn’t think it was. Corolla’s blinker sound is more distinct than truck, haven’t had same problem with it. Or maybe Corolla just has a quieter cabin.

As far as OP’s vehicle, suggest to visit dealership, maybe they know of a solution.

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George is correct. Many times turns are insufficiently sharp to cancel a turn signal or during a lane change.
Once open a time, Cadillac had turn signal indicators that grew louder if left on. Wish that was on all vehicles. I have caught myself leaving turn signals on.
I suspect all you can do is monitor your dash lights.

This might help, it is for the chime volume maybe connected to turn signal volume. From the owners manual.

Comfort and Convenience
Select the Comfort and
Convenience menu and the
following will be displayed:
. Easy Exit Driver Seat
. Chime Volume
. Reverse Tilt Mirror
Easy Exit Driver Seat
When on, this feature will move the
driver seat rearward upon turning
the ignition off and the driver door
opening. This may be performed to
make it easier to exit the vehicle.
See the “Easy Exit Driver Seat”
information under Power Seat
Adjustment on page 3‑4 for more
This allows you to turn the easy exit
seat feature on or off.
Press the MENU/SEL knob when
“Easy Exit Driver Seat” is
highlighted. Turn the knob to select
“On” or “Off.” Press the knob to
confirm and go back to the
last menu.
Chime Volume
This allows the selection of the
chime volume level.
Press the MENU/SEL knob when
“Chime Volume” is highlighted. Turn
the knob to select “Normal” or
“High.” Press the knob to confirm
and go back to the last menu.


I liked this post. My ears are damaged from a lot of loud noise when I was younger (working in industrial settings by day, concerts by night). My hearing is poor. I test cars, and I like the ones that tell me if a “blinker” is left on accidentally via a pop up notice on the drive info display. I can’t hear the blinky noise in most cars I test, and if the audio is on, I hear it in zero. We all forget a blinker is on once in a while, and it seems like a common sense type of warning.


Just put on an old mans hat and a Disney World bumper sticker and everyone will think it is normal behavior .


Yes, even I the great one, have found myself driving with the blinker inadvertently on. Usually no more than a few blocks though. And yes my hearing is deteriorating and I hate my hearing aids and only wear them when necessary.

Hopefully the volume is adjustable as posted above. For some reason one of my rivieras had a very loud signal. It was broadcast through the sound system if I remember right. No idea if it could be adjusted or not.

This has bugged me about my MKZ for 11 years. The sound is perfectly masked by tire/road/wind noise once I’m over 25 mph. Not a problem I have in other cars.

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is it quieter than it used to be? or has it always been quiet?

My 2010 Chevy van blinker noise quit working, and for another reason I cleaned off and retightened the battery cables and the sound came back to full volume. Might be worth a shot here, if it is noticeably quieter than it used to be.

Just a thought, if above does not work, try giving the dealer a call. maybe there is a software update that can adjust the volume louder. or maybe they might know a way to make it louder.


In a recent test of the Genesis G90 I found that the Blinker sound was terminating from the headrests. That car had lots of cool tech.

Perhaps, originating before terminating? :grin:

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When I was a teenager, a friend used to drive his father’s mid-60s Buick Skylark and it had almost inaudible turn signals. You could just barely hear the flasher while idling, and at road speeds, you heard nothing. Both he and his father typically rode around for extended periods of time with the turn signal flashing.

Hey texases, you could install one of these devices that will alert if you have left the turn signal active for more than 30 flashes- Turn Signal Reminder

Look on Amazon for turn signal beepers if you’d just like to add a louder beeper that will sound at each flash, although that might get annoying when stopped at a light. A little piezoelectric beeper can easily be added for about $8. You can use one beeper if you diode isolate them but at about $8 each, you could just install two of them. Example- https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-HYD-2312-Passive-Electronic-Sounder/dp/B00O9VX4C2/ref=dp_fod_1?pd_rd_i=B00O9VX4C2&psc=1


Some of my cars had a reminder but ranged if I can remember which one or ones. I just remember it going off once and not sure what it was. Maybe that’s why they said Buicks were for old people? Never had a sleep alarm to wake you up if you fell asleep. Or maybe it did and just never used it. Buzz if you went too fast. Reminders that tou could program . . .