98 ford taurus

My taurus makes this weird sound when I turn my steering wheel left or right. It sounds like that cartoon “rubber being stretched” sound or maybe a little like plucking an overly tightened string. It doesn’t affect driveability but I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time and I’m trying to sell it now… it’s a major buyer turn off.


Could just be the steering belt. They go bad over time and start to slip. If you can hold a wrench, it is usually an inexpensive thing to do yourself.

It’s definitely not the belt. The sound is coming from the steering column or wheel. The sound is dependent on the turning of the steering wheel not the pressure of the power steering on the system or weather the car is on or off


First things first

Have you verified that the power steering fluid level is correct?

If the assumption is made that the fluid and belt is fine and if this noise appears to be a groan of some sort, that could be due to a dry suspension or steering component such as ball joints, tie rod ends, strut bearing or spring pad, or a sway bar bushing.

I had this same noise on a 2000 Ford Windstar. The dealer diagnosed the problem as strut bearings. I just lived with it.

Having owned more Tauri than I can remember, I can relate to this noise. The first thing I would do is spray some silicone lube on the big rubber grommet on the firewall in front of the brake pedal where the steering column goes through the fire wall. It’s available from any parts store. Wal*Mart stocks it too. CRC brand, red aerosol can. Then lube your window glass channels since you’ll have a bunch left over.

thanks, you’ve all been a big help ill try it out next pay day.