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2003 Camry LE 27,000 miles

I have a squeaky steering wheel. What can be done to fix it?

The steering wheel itself cannot make that noise, but it is possible that the noise is coming from the steering column. Sometimes plastic bushings in the column will begin to make noise. When the car is next at the mechanic’s shop for service, ask him if it is possible to put some lube on the bushings inside the steering column.

Another possibility for noise from this area is the “clock spring”, which is located inside the steering wheel’s hub. This part cannot be lubed and must be replaced if it is the source of the problem–but the noise from a clock spring is not usually described as a squeak.

VDC is correct, but also note that this year/model had a steering rack issue causing a click. There is a TSB and the dealers know how to fix it. Seeing your low mileage you might get some sort of credit for the repair.