2013 Buick Enclave - known timing chain problems?

I am considering a 2013 Enclave with 3.6L and 54,000 miles. Did it have timing chain problems? I have a 2010 Lacrosse with the 3.0L and it has issues

This was posted 20 hours ago and like so many we may never hear from them again . But the question deserves a question . Bruce , you have a Buick with problems you don’t care for and you are concerned about another Buick having problems . Why not look at another brand ?

The timing chain issue was mostly corrected by 2013. The most common repair on this motor from my experience is an oil leak from the timing cover, which is a fairly complicated repair that involves dropping the entire engine/subframe assembly from the car. Other than the Toyota Highlander, none of the crossover SUV’s from this era have a stellar reliability record, the Enclave is average overall in my opinion.

our work equinox with the 3.6 and 80k miles has a timing chain rattle. we have a 100k warranty. the dealer says they will not do anything since there is no code for timing issues.