2015 Buick Enclave - opinions on the engine?

HOW good or BA is the 3/6 liter GM engien used in the 2015 BUICK ENCLAVE?

When new, provided “adequate” power.
A seven year old engine can be either good or bad depending on how it was maintained and treated by the former owner(s).
Same for the transmission.
Then there is that touchscreen.


With a displacement of only 3/6 of a liter, I’m surprised that its power output was even adequate when it was new.


Much above average reliability for Engine, Major and for Engine, Minor components - Consumer Reports April 2022 issue.


Is the minor component the timing chain?

Timing chain is in the Major category.

I notice that, 3/6L = 1/2L= 500CC, good size for a dirt bike.

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