2011 Buick lacrosse died running down the road

Took my 2011 Buick lacrosse to mechanic shop because it wasn’t running they told me it was the timing chain which I have been told that it’s quite common for these 3.6 engines so I have them do the job and 1800 later I get it back then about 8 days later it just straight up dies running down the road I had a brand new battery in it so I new wasn’t that when tried turning it on it wouldn’t budge just like a clicking sound from the middle of the engine so I had it towed back to the auto shop and they tell me that the crank shaft locked up and have no idea how so he says to me couple options one is used engine 6500 and option 2 new engine for 8500 so what do you guys think about this situation I’m in did I get screwed over? Thanks for any advice in advance

Sounds to me that your starter is kaput…a lot less money to spend :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If the newly installed timing chain broke or was installed incorrectly, it could lead to catastrophic engine damage. I’d be asking that question. It’s a little unusual for a timing chain to need replacement in the first place, but I’m not familiar with the GM 3.6L engine.

It’s up to you on whether or what replacement engine to install. I’d consider the value of the car, plus the overall condition of the rest of the car, before proceeding forward.

Good luck.

I believe your engine has 3 timing chains. I hope they changed all 3 plus the guides.
how many miles are on your vehicle?
how many miles did you put on since the work was done?
think you should get a second opinion.
I dont think your mechanics are very good. might be time to find new ones. this should not of happened.
your vehicle is probably only worth between 7500- 9500 so I am not sure if its worth spending the money on another motor. if you have the funds you might want to think about another vehicle.

Yes you are correct it does have 3 chains and I do suspect foul play also my father in law is a mechanic and he says there’s no way that should have happened one bit he said they messed up maybe on the clearance spec’s he thinks we should take them to small claims court and we only put about less than 100 miles on it since we got it back just don’t make no sense to me also 1800 dollars is a lot of money for about literally 5 uses.

I’m with @ledhed75 The timing chain was improperly installed, the shop needs to find out what they did wrong.


They said they did nothing wrong.

I guess as a consumer, they did a faulty job. So you have to have some other professional determine what exactly went wrong and what the costs would be to put you back to your original condition. Once you find out, the shop gets one chance to own up to it and make it right. If not then it is court time. In the mean time just get another car and stay out of that shop.

just a thought…find out what it would cost to have the vehicle towed out of there and bring it to a reputable shop and have them take it apart and document everything. if they find something the shop did wrong you can use the documents to take them to court to get your money back.

If you can’t make a mutually acceptable deal w/the shop, imo your best bet to get back on the road is just to buy another car. I wouldn’t go the replacement engine route, either w/a used one or a new one. If so, ask your shop if they are interested in buying this car.

As far as what exactly happened, no way to know w/any certainty. My first guess is the timing chain replacement job either wasn’t done correctly, or not all the parts that needed replacement actually got replaced. It’s also quite possible the crankshaft was already damaged before your shop even started the timing chain replacement. If the latter is the case, and like I mention it very well could be, your shop can’t be faulted.

Of course, nobody wants to pay for an engine, they can’t take $6500 out of the mechanic’s pay check. Remove the vehicle from that shop and have it inspected and repaired at a qualified repair shop.

This is the second time today you suggested gifting a car to a bad mechanic.


And not your father in law. If this ends up going to court, his testimony will at best be seen as biased because of his relationship to you, and might not be admitted at all.


Sometimes either gifting or selling the car to the shop is the best solution of those available. There’s nothing wrong w/doing that, if it is best compromise.