2012 Toyota Highlander - Hatch lift broken

Rear door lift function has failed on my Limited model Highlander. What to expect for cost to fix and best place to get the repair?

Since you didn’t give us much detail, I will leave you with these…

Thanks for the answer. You are right, the question was poorly designed. I will have the dealer give an estimate. THANKS

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The power liftgate won’t operate if the liftgate supports are weak and won’t support the door. You can buy replacement liftgate supports from an auto parts store for less than $100/pair.


Thanks for the information, it could well be the remedy. I don’t use the lift function anyway, but now the gate won’t stay open and slams shut. Thanks again

Are saying you have a power lift gate but you don’t use it ? Why ?

I think nevada has given you the answer to your problem .