Liftgate problem

The lift gate on my 2017 Highlander w/ app 37000 miles stops about
80% of the way from opening completely. Until is stops it lifts with no
hesitation. It will open completely if I keep upward pressure on it as it
gets close to the point where it stops…the 80% point.
I’ve found online that Toyota has had a chronic problem with lift gates for many, many years but I’ve found no recalls. When I call my Toyota service department they will only tell me to bring it in and say they’re unaware of an abundance of liftgate problems with Toyota vehicles. They also refuse to discuss any probable cause of the problem or solution. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was the cause and how much did it cost to repair it? Thank you for your help.

To reset the liftgate opening angle on the Toyota Highlander, begin by opening the back door . Next push and hold the power back door switch on the back door for about 7 seconds, a buzzer will sound 4 times, paus for a couple seconds then sounds 2 more times. This will set the liftgate to the maximum opening angle.



Maybe the struts are wearing out. If so, they’re usually very easy to replace.

Can you open it manually? That’s what I would do.

The open position is adjustable so that the liftgate doesn’t hit the overhead garage door when opening in the garage. Change the setting.

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It would be foolish on their part to tell you what may be wrong without actually seeing the vehicle. That is a normal and sensible position for any repair shop of any kind. Plus there will be a diagnostic fee to look at this vehicle . That is also normal.

Directly from your owners manual P126

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If the lift gate will stay in the open position it might not be the struts . Our Volvo lift gate would open then slowly come back down . New struts solved that . The people suggesting the adjustment are most likely on the right track.

Thank you It-s Me. Tried your suggestion and it solved the problem although I don’t understand why after 35000+ miles of the liftgate opening completely it changed. I certainly didn’t change it …didn’t know I could as verified by my original post…and I’m the only person who drives the car. Thanks again.

Had the battery been changed or disconnected recently ?

Possibly to clean the battery terminals while it was in for routine service.

Welcome to the wonderful world of electronics. Gotta reboot the computer once in a while too. Maybe you got a frayed wire or connection problem.