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2012 Scion xD - involved in paint recall?

Paint issue - is the Scion included in the recall for paint repair on Blizzard Pearl?

At this time the Scion xD is not included in the paint warranty extension.

The 2011 - 2015 Scion iQ and 2008 - 2015 xB are included.

Thanks much. I’m negotiating with a local Toyota dealer on a 2012 low mileage xD and asking for a discount due to the existing paint situation. Hmmmm - we’ll see. If it does fail, I know it’s a bundle to repaint. But considering the low mileage, and since I’ve owned an xA for 10 years (2006) with no trouble,
probably worth the extra cost when the time comes that it’s peeling. I don’t live a lifestyle of ‘garage’ or hand washing.

Just read your note (I think I didn’t see it previously). Thank you for your information. That’s what I’m reading - a lot of models were included but the Scion xD was not. Im in the hunt for a used one.

If a XD is what you want a 2012 is 8 years old why limit yourself to Blizzard Pearl that might become a paint problem . Since you do not seem to have a garage or do a regular waxing just concentrate on the condition of one you find . I have a feeling the supply of really good used ones is low in numbers.

Thanks - I didn’t make the cut on the negotiation for the Blizzard Pearl 2012 - it was a special edition
with only 42,000 on it -practically new as Toyota products go, but no alarm system installed and no other electronics; the dealer and I were $2K apart. They wouldn’t budge so someone else bought it. Such is life. My 2006 xA still runs like a top and is in great condition. I didn’t need the xD, but it would have
been nice. I figure there will be some other car, especially in the current climate after the lease cars
are returned between late summer and fall if the economy stays like this.