Update On Toyota/Lexus/Scion Super White and Blizzard Pearl Paint Defect - Warranty Extended

Hi Folks. The Toyota Blizzard Pear and Super White paint debacle has been very popular here at Car Talk. Here is a story that provides an important update to any owner with a white Toyota/Lexus/Scion. It’s worth a read if you have a white Toyota. If you have had any repairs done by Toyota please detail them here and in the linked story to help your fellow owners know what they can expect. Good Luck

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I was curious enough to look at the link, but not curious enough to watch a 6 minute video.

Could you please cut to the chase and just give the short version? What are the specifics of this extended warranty? Thanks, in advance.
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You have made up your mind never to buy imports

So what’s your interest . . . ?!



I’ve got tons of friends and neighbors here and every kind of foreign car and American car you can think of. (You should have a look in our under-building garage) We help each other. I’d like to help them out if they have a fiasco mobile.
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Do any of them have a Toyota/Lexus/Scion with Super White or Blizzard Pearl paint . . . ?!

If not . . . then you of all people should not be interested

I’m calling it as I see it . . . based on your own past comments :smiley:

Thanks, db! That’s fine and I appreciate it. I’ll start taking a better look at the actual models or at least I’ll be on the look-out for cars with paint peeling off in sheets. The majority of cars here are the (literally) cool colors, white and silver.

We’ve got some really unusual looking Mercedes cars here and I’ll see if I can get a picture of them and post them. I’d like to know more about them.
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I’ve got somewhat of a bias against white cars

And here’s why . . .

Where I grew up, white was one of the limited number of colors that didn’t require you to pay extra, when ordering that new car

And to compound the matter, a few of the strippo cars I owned over the years were white

They got the job done, but they were very indeed very basic, not even power steering in some cases. Some were even worse, not even power brakes

I have a friend that for most of his life has only bought/leased white cars. Works for him, easy to keep clean.
For me, if I get a good deal, white is fine, but generally find it boring. I like to wax my cars to a good shine, very dissatisfying when you try to do this to a white car.