Toyota Blizzard Pearl peeling on Highlander- not covered in recall

The paint started peeling on our 2010 Toyota Highlander. We decided to get it repainted but when I researched the color online I found that color paint was recalled on certain Toyotas. However, Highlanders were never included. Has anyone else with a Highlander had the peeling white paint issue?

My guess is that the paint problem is related to the specific factories where the covered vehicles were manufactured, so that might explain why Highlanders are not included in Toyota’s extended paint warranty for the affected vehicles.

Letters sent by Toyota to car owners mention a new “warranty enhancement program” that covers the following years and models of vehicles with the original Blizzard Pearl or Super White paint:

Whether any other Highlander owners have this problem is not material to your issue. If you have communicated with Toyota Customer Service at the corporate level, and if they told you that you are not entitled to a free re-paint, then your only option is to have the vehicle repainted at your own expense.

If, at a later date, your vehicle is included in an extended paint warranty program, you should be able to be reimbursed for your expenses, so I would advise you to hold onto the receipts from the body shop that performs the work for you.


Thank you for your very informative response.

Today was my first contact with their Customer Support and the individual taking my information referred me to a supervisor who should return my call within 24 hours. One reason I am hopeful is that I believe I read that another Toyota model was recently added to the list of vehicles under the extended paint warranty. Fingers crossed.

I will report on the outcome once I hear from Toyota.

Many thanks again for your immediate reply.