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2012 Scion tC - no spark

So my scion tc won’t start it is turning over but I’m not getting a spark from spark plugs what should I do?

Check for a bad crank sensor.

If the computer doesn’t see crankshaft rotation, the computer see’s no reason to operate the fuel/ignition systems.


Other possibilities besides the crank sensor

  • System voltage problem. Ask your shop to verify the battery measures about 12.6 volts before the first start of the day, then 13.5-15.5 immediately after starting the engine.
  • IGM 2 Relay
  • Camshaft position sensor (intake side)
  • Camshaft position sensor (exhaust side)
  • Wiring harness/grounds
  • ECM
  • All the coil packs are faulty (seems unlikely)

you need to seriously consider replacing the crankshaft position sensor . . . even if there are no fault codes pointing to it

may I assume you’ve verified fuel pressure is correct?