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Toyota has no spark

1987 Toyota Celica GTS 2.0 manual Transmission

The Problem … The power cable to alternator sparked on the side of the engine when I was connecting it. I did not think the battery cable was connected at the time but it was… Now I have NO SPARK I have changed all the fuses at the battery could not find any that were blown but still changed them and checked all the fuses under kick panels none were blown. What should I look for now? Help!

First check if you have spark coming out of the Coil wire.

Using a volt- or multi-meter, check if there’s 12v at the coil. Unplug the harness where it connects, ignition on, and check it. If there is no power there, that’ your first fix.

If you have voltage, ignition off, reconnect the coil, disconnect central wire from distributor, check for spark. Hold the plug wire ~1/4-1/2 inch from the motor, ignition on, turn to start, watch for spark.

See what happens, post back

Did you check your fusible link?

the igniter on these older toyotas are very sensitive to being grounded when under power, and often the diodes (transistors?) in them will blow. There are two coils in the “coil”, and they have rated resistance. Check those to make sure the coil is good. If all the other checks here are good, you may well need a replacement igniter.