2011 Camry cranks but won't start

So, changed spark plugs coz it’s been a while. Took for a drive and at one point at red light, engine seems to die but reeved up and made it to home. Next morning, it won’t start. Cranks, won’t start.

Did the fuel mist to the intake and crank but won’t start. There is no spark in the plugs. However, thing that i checked and found to be normal are spark plugs, ignition coil, crankshaft and camshaft position sensor, harness wire continuity to ECU. What’s happening? Is the ECU gone bad? Is they any easy way to see what’s happening or an easy way to check ECU gone bad or not? Thanks guys, appreciate your input!

You can have continuity in a wiring harness from one end to the other, bit it doesn’t mean the component that’s suppose send a signal along that harness is good.


How do you mean? And how to test if it’s not getting proper signal? Use bypass wire to crankshaft sensor? I’m very grateful for your input!

There is no way I know of to bypass the crank position sensor.

A crankcase position sensor can fail intermittently. One way: sometimes they’re OK cold but not OK when warm.

I’m kind of thinking if you had no issues with the running of the vehicle and then just replaced the spark plugs due to mileage (not time), then you either disturbed a plug and it’s loosing connection, broke a wire or didn’t get something quite plugged back in all the way…

I would try doing a wiggle test with the wiring… Also check your fuses…


Possibilities to check when there’s no spark at plugs, before presuming there’s an ECU problem, which is unlikely

  • Engine must be rotating for spark plugs to fire. Ask helper to verify crankshaft pulley is turning while cranking. Good idea to make sure camshafts are rotating too, peer with flashlight into oil fill hole to see camshafts maybe (eye protection).
  • ECU must receive crank position sensor signal when engine is rotating
  • Even if ECU and crank signal input is good, the engine ignition module must be powered up and sending spark signal to coils, upon command signal from ECU.

Try to find a shop that has the Honda pro scan tool or at least has a lab o-scope and someone experienced who knows how to use it.

It seems pretty certain your car has a timing chain. Try to see if the cams are turning. The chain might have failed.

Grab a spark plug tester and a coil tester to be sure. I put in new spark plugs in an older car that were already the 0.054 I needed. Nah. The guy gave me the wrong ones and the engine sounded like shiiiii…