2012 RAM 2500 takes forever to fill

takes forever to fill the tank. Keeps back flushing even on low . worked great when I first got it but the last 1 and a half its been terrible. Maybe the charcoal canister is plugged???

If the check engine light is on, the codes could point to a failure in the evap system.

Something in the EVAP system isn’t allowing the gas tank to vent.

Have the hoses, vent valve, charcoal canister inspected for restrictions.

There’s also an over fueling valve in the gas tank that may be stuck closed.


Thanks for the reply. No codes. But will check hoses and miscellaneous items.

Thanks for the reply. Will check hoses and miscellaneous items.

When you fill up the air/fume vapor mixture inside the tank have to go somewhere to make room for the new fuel, or the tank will pressurized and this symptom will develop. The fumes in the tank are supposed to be directed to the canister, where the charcoal catches the gas atoms as they flow by, and the cleaned air vents to the atmosphere from a valve in or near the canister. Unlikely to be the canister itself, more likely one of the valves mentioned above, or a valve near the canister, or a related hose is crimped or blocked. This function is tested by the computer, so checking for an evap related diagnostic codes is the first place to look. The vent valve in the gas tank area seems to be a common culprit.