2019 RAM 1500 - Won't take fuel

cant fuel truck. pumps shut off at $2.00. they always burp back at you. how do we fix this?

That’s likely a problem in the evap system. Part of the emissions system. As fuel pours in from the gas pump, the air in the tank is displaced by the incoming gasoline, and has to have somewhere to go. Otherwise the pressure builds up and pump shuts off. In an emergency, tou might be able to fuel by pulling the fill-nozzle outward a bit, so there’s a way for the air to escape.

The way re-fueling is supposed to work is the fumes & air above the fuel level in the tank is routed by a bevy of electric-operated valves toward the evap canister in the engine compartment, where the gas fumes are captured and the remaining clean air is pushed out through the canister vent valve into the atmosphere. So in your case, something wrong with all that. Guesses, the vent valve is not working correctly, the canister is faulty, or the hose from the tank to the canister is pinched.

Ask your shop to check for diagnostic codes. Problem with the evap system is a common source for these codes, and will provide your shop some clues as to what exactly is causing the problem.