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2012 MINI Cooper S - where’s my signal flasher?

Side and rear turn signals and hazards blink. Front turn signals and harazds do not. Bulbs have been replaced with no change. I suspect it may be the signal flasher or part where turn signal bulb rest. If signal flasher…Where can I find the signal flasher.

That tells me it is not a signal flasher problem. That suggests a wiring problem in the front harness. Check the grounds first, then look for a broken wire.

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Make sure you are using the bulb #s called for. Others may fit but not work.

FIXED. Father-in-law discovered the bulb socket would rotate beyond the connection. Turned the bulb socket a hair and the socket made the connection to the headlight assembly.

Let’s have a cheer for older, experienced men! Here, here!

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fwiw, a couple of months ago it took me 2-3 hours just to get my truck’s license plate bulb to work. Electrical problems, especially with bulbs, can be like that.