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2012 Mid-Size SUVs - Lexus RX350 vs Buick Enclave

Where were these cars manufactured? Understand RX350 was mfg. in Canada. Is this right? Also, is there a site that lists origin of manufacture for all vehicles?

It will be on the window sticker of a new vehicle, or traceable by the VIN number.

According to MSN Autos, the Lexus final assembly is either Canada or Japan. Buick lists Lansing, Michigan for the 2011 model or Janesville, WI for the 2010. I did not find the 2012.

The 2012 Enclave is still built in Lansing/Delta Township, MI. The 2012 RX 350 is assembled at the South Cambridge, Ontario plant. You can probably get the information you want at Wikipedia. Just search for the vehicle and you will likely find an assembly location listed. FWIW, the Lexus is not assembled by CAW members, if union employment is important to you.

Origin of final assembly is one thing…origin of the parts used is something else.

The real question is: Does it really matter?
In a global economy there’s no one country where a vehicle is made. Sure it may get made in Michigan, but the parts come from Mexico, China, America, etc.

Buy the one you like most, don’t get hung up on something as silly as where it’s made.