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American Made Hybrids

Are there any hybrid cars actually built in America, preferably union built? I was looking at Ford’s Fusion Hybrid, then found out it’s built in Mexico.


American built ?
Are you kidding ?
I don’t care what factory door the finished product comes out of , look at the component sourcing and you’ll EVERY brand and type to be a world wide conglomerate.

I don’t think you’ll find systems in any car built where you expect. Heck even Toyota utilizes the Chinese labor market for some of it’s systems. I wouldn’t waste my time worrying too much where anything is made.

I don’t believe the corporate headquarters any longer provides any indication whatsoever of what country a vehicle is designed or built in. So many “foreign brands” are built completely in the U.S., so many “American Brands” are built elsewhere, so many components and subsystems come from so many places that it’s truely a “global” industry, perhaps more than any other industry.

And it’s NOT just the parts that used…or who the workers are.

More then 50% of steel used in making cars in the US is imported…

Most if not ALL of the robotics in the automated factories are made in Asia.

You can’t tell anymore from the badging who makes what.

The idea of where a car is made today is almost meaningless. Parts from here engineering from there, other parts from yet another country. Next week the whole thing may have changed again.

Just listen to recent news after the Japan Quake/Tsunami. The chevy volt gets its transmission from Japan, so production might take a hit. Also no more black or red Fords/Chevy’s due to paint components for now. I am sure there are more examples. Cars are like computers now, every part is built somewhere different and then put together in one factory.

Check out the Chevy Malibu hybrid

The new Chevy Volt is made in Detroit.

See my post, apparently the transmission comes from Japan.

The Fusion Hybrid is indeed built in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico…This plant was selected because it has the highest quality of any Ford assembly plant…I drove one of the pre-production Fusion Hybrids…An amazing car…But as others have said, the components in these cars come from all over the world…

Technically, Mexico IS in America. NORTH America, the continent, same as Canada.

If the Volt transmission is built in Japan, that is temporary. It is slated to come from White Marsh, MD.

The Tahoe and Yukon hybrids are assembled in Arlington, TX. The Malibu hybrid is assembled in Fairfax, KS.

Yeah, yeah - but you knew what I meant. I prefer to support US manufacturing whenever possible.

silly person…

I took your original question more as support for the UAW than asssembled in the USA. Would assembly in Canada at a CAW site work for you, too? I see them as brother organizations.

Do they make anything comparable to the Fusion Hybrid? Everything I read about it rates it really highly. It’s still going to be a couple of years before I have the money saved up for it, especially if used cars go for as much as new ones. (if you can even find them…) Very popular vehicle!

You are not going to find an American Hybrid sedan that is built by the UAW anytime soon.
The vehicles built by the UAW have to be high profit vehicles, to justify the expense of using them to construct the vehicle.

A hybrid vehicle currently doesn’t bring in enough profit for Ford or GM, so they outsource the construction of the vehicle to a country that the labor costs are lower.

Hence why trucks are typically built in the US, and why they advertise the heck out of them. They are pretty much the primary source of income for Ford, GM, and Dodge. They just also happen to sell cars, too.


But the Malibu Hybrid is assembled in Kansas.

But the Malibu Hybrid is assembled in Kansas.

wait,wait…your distorting the story with facts.