I found this interesting. Where was your car built?

Mine were built all over the world.


So where are the Peugeots?

Peugeot is not the only marque or brand that is missing.
For instance, Subaru’s BRZ, Impreza, and Forester models are not listed.
Those models are built in Ota Gunma, Japan, and I think that the list is only focused on models that are made in North America.

my first old ford, 1975 ford explorer custom supercab, was made in Canada. not sure where my current 1975 one was made

So where are the Peugeots?

Pergeots haven’t been sold in the US for a decade. Not sure about all the other models missing though. Lexus, Acura…and a slew of others.

Like VDC said, it only lists those whose final assembly is in the US.

Where are the Peugeots you ask?
In France, of course.

Like VDC said, it only lists those whose final assembly is in the US.

Lexus isn’t on the list…made in Cambridge Canada.

Acura MDX is final assembly in the Honda Alabama plant.

Those are just two. That took me all of 1 minute to find.

It lists Lexus under Canada. The MDX is also under Canada, where it was made up to 2012. List needs to be updated, it seems.

I missed the Lexus. Wasn’t sure how long the Acura was made in Alabama…just that it’s there now.

And Peugeot shouldn’t be listed since it’s not sold in the US any more.

I find this list potentially misleading, because it doesn’t show what percentage of the vehicles are made in America. Others, the attached being only one, do.

For all those who value “buying American”: does it make ANY difference if buying used?

I guess it props up resale value slightly, but I’m unsure how much to value that, if at all. Buying domestic seems somewhat pointless when half the workers behind producing your car have retired already…

I’ve got a Mexican Chevy truck, but a Flatrock Michigan built Mustang.

Pretty interesting how many of those foreign brands are built in the US, isn’t it? Most people don’t have an idea that BMW and Mercedes Benz are built in the US. Fewer still know that Kia, Hyundai and Nissan and Mazda build here. Some know that Toyota and Honda have been building in the US for 30 years.

Yeah, we still build cars in the US, lots of them.

And no one but the French are really concerned about Peugeot, Renault and Citroen…

My 1999 Honda CRV was built at the Sayama plant in Japan.

My (ex) 2002 Toyota Tacoma was assembled at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, Ca. The drivetrain was excellent but the cab had a water leak due to an assembly defect at the NUMMI plant (now owned by Tesla).

Speaking of which, why isn’t Tesla on the list?

It may be somewhat interesting to note but it doesn’t matter at all in my purchasing decisions.

The world will continue to evolve. If the American labor force does not continue to move up the value chain in labor, then those workers are doomed to stagnate at the globally established, lowest competitive rate. Protectionism won’t work. Better to admit it and instead work toward advancing the skills of our workforce where the pay scales will be higher than legacy products/processes will allow…

Fewer still know that Kia, Hyundai and Nissan and Mazda build here.

I can understand Kia/Hyundai…but Nissan has had a manufacturing presence in the US for over 30 years.

I know that, Mike, but people still give me blank looks when I say Nissans are built in the US.

My dad didn’t realize that Nissan had plants in the USA until he drove by the Canton facility during one of his rare days off after working a 72hr week helping out after Katrina in Alexandria Louisiana with FEMA.

It’s possible to buy a new BMW 3 series built in South Africa these days.

Last time in England I rented a Vauxhall, a British GM brand. I searched high and low as to where the car was built, with no luck.

A car enthusiast I met at the hotel said it was a German Opel (an other GM division), and because of British pride the Vauhall name was put on. The car was built in Russelheim Germany and the name on the window glass was “Sekurit” (safety in German). In other words, the car had zero British content, except for the markup and sales expenses.

The car came from the same factory as the Saturn Astra, which is really an Opel Astra with a non-metric speedometer. You see many of these nifty hatchbacks in Europe.

To this date many British believe that Hoover is an English company (“hovering” means vacuum cleaning) and that Heinz is also British, since their soups have a very large market share, unlike in the USA.

Vauxhall/Opel has been making much better cars over the last few years, we rented in the Astra size class in England and ended up with a Toyota Auris which might come to the US as a Scion (VW Golf style hatchback) In Ireland you see Opels with RHD instead of the Vauxhall badge.

Most of us here associate Heinz with ketchup but you can find the canned beans and other products here.

Actually after Ford implemented their three tier pay plan, a lot of those workers will be getting raises if they ever raise the minimum wage to $15. Its really sad what Ford has done to some of its workers.

Its reasonably important to me where cars are made but I think Mexico might turn out to be the new China. My Acura was made in Ohio except for the transmission from Japan. Not sure if I’d want an engine from Mexico though. My Pontiac I think was in Michigan but I’d have to look it up. Sounds like Chicago is among the worst plants though for labor issues.