2012 Mazda Mazda5 - New Brakes Clatter

Rear brakes that clatter after new pads are installed. Does this mean that only Mazda parts will work, or is this an installation problem?


Agree with @VOLVO_V70 but it might still mean this is your best bet to quiet things down assuming the job was done correctly and the parts are the cause of the clatter.

Did you do this pad replacement yourself? Did you replace the rotors? What do you mean by “clatter”?

A few years back had rear pads replaced by one of the chain muffler/brake shops and had same issue.

Mazda dealer was able to correct and I thought they said at the time that pads were either installed wrong (inner in place of outer and vice versa) or with wrong face of pad towards the rotor. I think the former.

If you are driving at low speeds and go over any little bumps you hear a metallic banging/clatter noise. Very slight pressure on brake pedal makes it quiet again.

Same thing this time with a local shop that seemed good. They replace first set of pads (after I noted the noise) with different set of different make, but that did not resolve.

Sounds like someone failed to install the necessary anti-rattle clips.

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Back in shop today. We shall see. I think this brake must be quirky, as 2nd time this has happened.

… or the shop is not very much professional…
is it the same shop for both occurrences by any chance?

There’s a tsb for brake noise on this vehicle. You might can google the number to read it, or ask for a copy at a dealership. Basically it says for rattling brakes the solution is to install new brake shims and/or replace the brake pads. Since you’ve experienced this problem before, your brake design may be a little finicky and the best solution might be to just buy the new pads at a Mazda dealership. Have you priced them there? they may not be any more expensive than where you are buying them now.

04-004/16 , 02/26/2016

if it clatters right after “brake job”, I can bet a beer shims were not replaced, but reused by this shop

Independent shop seems to have fixed the problem by using Mazda OEM brakes. I still say this is a design problem as never had this type of problem on my Hondas, Toyotas, or Ford.

Beer shims?image

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Beer shim’s are kinds hard to find.

Great at picking up on my yoda-speek, you guys are