I have a 2003 Pontiac Aztec. Recently had new brakes put on. Now when I back up and step on the brakes, there is a loud “clunk” I feel like I have hit something. Neither the person who put on new brakes or the Pontiac Car Dealer Service Dept can find out what it is.


just curious, have you recently (since the sound started) had a flat tire? maybe the spare isn’t secured?

i had a similiar problem on a PT Cruiser. the rear sway bar dampener went, and the car clunked over every bump. it was worse in reverse than ahead. the part was 60.00 and about a half hour to replace.

just curious, when the brakes were done, did anyone notice the condition of the rear shocks, or the shock mounts?


First thing is to check all caliper bolts and make sure they are tight. I have seen them fall out and allow the caliper to pivot when braking causing the caliper to hit the wheel.


They’re not looking with their eyes open. They either left a bolt out or a bushing.