2012 Kia Sorento - Paint Defect

Paint is just falling off. Gets bubbly and just falls off. This is happening in several places. Customer service won’t even acknowledge it

How often do you wax the vehicle?


The car is 8 years old and I might ask if you bought this car new?

There’s no paint related service bulletins on a 2012 Sorrento as far as I can see. Seems to me this shouldn’t be happening at 8 years though. Unless there are paint damaging factors involved in your specific situation, like you live near the ocean (salt spray in the air can damage paint), or you live where it gets really hot and you park the car in direct sun all the time. If either of these apply it is very important to apply wax to the finish twice a year. Keeping the surface clean of dust/dirt/bird droppings is important to preserving the paint no matter where you live. Rinsing the dust off once a week with a garden hose is what I do, besides semi-annual waxing.

What do you mean exactly by ‘customer service won’t acknowledge it’? Do you mean they are seeing the same thing you are and disagreeing with you that it’s a paint problem? Or what?

The 2011 seemed to have some paint problems, but not 2012, according to this