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2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe = Paint failure

My grandson owns a genesis coup metallic blue and the paint is slowly chipping it starting to look like the car has Vitiligo the car is losing its pigment it now has discolored patches in different areas of the car. is anyone else having this problem? and what recourse do we have?

How often did he wash and wax it?

from Hyundai, likely nothing as the vehicle is 8 years old. Take it to some different paint and body shops and get some quotes.

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After 8 years of possible vandalism, unknown care, and unknown exposure to the elements?

Everything in life has limits, and few–if any–vehicle manufacturers are likely to provide any help with paint problems after 3 or 4 years. At this point (8 years) no manufacturer is going to provide help for paint problems.

You heard that old joke to repaint and thin no more? About all that can be done.


There’s no paint failure service bulletins for this vehicle that I can see. Any 8 year old car is gonna show some paint problems, even if all the normal accident & parking lot dings have been avoided. Paint problems will be more problematic if the car is parked outside rather than garaged, is parked in full sun a lot of the time, isn’t washed and waxed on a regular basis, is driven in a dusty areas and construction zones frequently, etc. The other contributing factor is that many manufacturers changed their paint formula in that era to reduce evaporating air pollutants. Before that happened auto paints were really tough, but afterward several manufactures started to report paint related problems on some of their vehicles.

Wrong again George . Our 10 year old Kia looked great when we sold it . Our 10 year old Volvo still looks show room fresh. So the word ‘all’ does not apply.

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My Outback is now 9 years old, and the paint looks showroom new.

The only cars with which I ever had paint problems both showed those problems fairly quickly. My '81 Chevy Citation had to be repainted twice (under warranty) because of the primer showing-through in several places, and my POS '74 Volvo’s paint was “ravaged” by simple exposure to the elements after 2 or 3 years. However, none of my other cars ever showed paint deterioration, and that includes up to 11 years of ownership.

Here in San Jose if a car is parked outside in full sun most of the time it will be showing some paint problems within 10 years. My neighbor parks his 8 year old Mercedes on the street and it is definitely showing some paint discoloration and splotching problems. And it’s a silver color, which is normally less sun-sensitive. Dark blue seems to be the worse. San Jose’s sunny climate and the type of dust and air pollution present may contribute to the paint damage problem I expect. By contrast my 30 year old Corolla’s paint job remains in good shape. Not showroom, but nearly so. No obvious discoloration, peeling, or splotching. It is parked under cover and when not under cover, usually in the shade. Rinsed off weekly, washed monthly, waxed bi-annually.