Sedona door handle broke

2015 Kia Sedona Sliding door lhard to open one handle broken

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Does anyone else have this problem is it common 1200 fix on four yr old vehicle. I dont think latches should fail on four yr old vehicle what obligation does Kia have.

Brad , it really does not matter if anyone else has this problem. You do and only the KIA dealer can tell you if it is covered by the warranty . See what they say and also check with a body shop for repair.

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Replace it.

I have talked to dealership it is not covered and it does matter if anyone else has this problem to see if it is a common issue or unique to my vehicl.e Recalls occur after multiple people complain about a issue. I want to know if people just paid the 1200 or found a less expensive option or for Kia to own up for a defective latch I’ve never had a vehicles latch door handle break again vehicle is 4 yrsold

This is not a Recall item. Recalls are for safety problems . Your problem falls under the TSB ( Technical Service Bulletin ) . If there are enough complaints about something then the manufacture might have it fixed for free but in this case that is not likely.

Again just asking if anyone has had this issue. Please don’t respond if you haven’t had this issue.